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Loyola Faculty Biennial | Nov. 9 - Dec. 9

After months of working with my head down and installing a new batch of Graffiti temple bells in the quiet evening hours of the empty gallery last week, it was an inspiration to come to the opening of the show and see the work of my art faculty colleagues. The work varies from the traditional to the conceptual, from paintings + photos to spinning clocks on a turntable + a giant inflatable black void hanging from the ceiling. But the common theme that I took away was just how thoughtful these artists are. The gallery talks were enlightening, and I am so impressed with the great care that goes into the planning, research and development of each artist's chosen subject. It strikes me that, as much as the art is meant to be displayed and enjoyed aesthetically by others, the importance of making these visual explorations is paramount for the artists themselves. They must make this work, and I am so happy they did and that I get to work with these excellent artists at Loyola. What a great evening to inspire new directions and a quick return to the studio to get back at it.

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